Mayuri Security Services

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Terms & Comditions

  1. Requirement : An initial security survey carried out by us, as well as your specific needs we would suggest the required security personnel to be deployed at your unit.
  2. Category / Rank : As per the estimation ,duty punctuality , responsibility we will quote in different category like un skilled , semi skilled and skilled as a rank wise general, corporate and special from top to bottom GUARD to OFFICER.
  3. Human resources : Our main manpower resources from the various fields of Ex-servicemen from the defense force, paramilitary and qualified civilians across the country available.
  4. Recruitment : we will employee only a selected personnel by physically and mentally well checked out . screened out from the data sources, records available.
  5. Deployment : We will engage the personnel with in one week period after your work order / acceptance for our terms & Conditions in written.
  6. Wage Rates : Our Quoted rates are as per the MINIMUM WAGES ACT by the Govt. Gazette from time to time.
  7. Relieving charges / w/ offs : As per the guide lines and specified duty hours by the govt. Department 8 hrs per day, 6 days per week in the month is a permissible the 7th day is an observed as a weekly off. To be continuing duties with out any breakup the relieving personnel will attend the duty and have to pay extra @ 1/6 on monthly wages in the bill.
  8. Basic training : We will brief âup necessary action course before deploying our staff for duties as per the duty manual, basic responsibilities, securing the prime properties, regular checking of men & materials movement from time to time as per the instructions by the managements.
  9. Round the clock Service : To provide proper & uninterrupted services we deploy our personnel in a shift basis weekly rotation method.
  10. Under Control : The Staff deployed at your premises will be under your punctual and under in our operational control as per the contract.
  11. Statuary Benefits : The Statuary benefits like ESI, PF, INSUARANCE, LEAVE and BONUS will be added to the MWA for the welfare of the families for working staff accordingly.
  12. Surprise checks : To maintain quality in the service our field staff will be conduct surprise checks on all duty positions / personnel during the day and nights and make them alert around the clock.
  13. Replacement : We will rotate / replaces our working staff periodically and immediately if any complaints shall be taken place on your concern.
  14. Contractual period : Our service contract will be for one year agreement basis and shall be continued after renewal of each and very year as per the terms & conditions. For any reasons from either side to terminate the contract one month advance notice shall be given strictly.
  15. Pre & Post Employment : The principal employer (Client) should not seek direct employment within our working staff after three months of his / her resignation approval with us.
  16. Working conditions : We assure that our working staff assumes duty responsibilities with our any hesitation if you take care of our staff basic needs, like- sheltering, stationary, canteen and accommodation room (if possible) at work place will be more advantage to perform strict and disciplinary duties in emergency.
  17. Payment mode : Our monthly bills should be released in a 1st week of every month after submission of current month bill through cheque payment only.
  18. Service Charges : Towards administrations, training, field officer checking and over head expenditure charges @ 1% on monthly wages will be added to the bill.
  19. CEST : Central excise and service tax will be added @ 14.5% on total bill as per the mandatory act by the central Government of India.
  20. . Untoward incidents : In case of any untoward incidents taken place by the negligence of our working staff please may be inform to us as soon as possible and alert the nearest police station for the occurrence loss / damages to the properties / assets immediately.